Choosing The Right Moving Company in Tampa Florida

Choosing The Right Moving Company in Tampa Florida

When researching moving companies tampa,  it is crucial to pick an honest, reputable Tampa moving company to make sure you have a smooth moving day and avoid unnecessary issues that could have been avoided by doing the proper research.

Dependable moving companies in the Tampa Florida

Flat Fee Movers Tampa name is evident not something simple like “mover” or “AAA moving company.” Always make sure the business has a physical address verified by google maps. Check the online reviews and also check out their social media profiles. Assure the Tampa moving company fully licensed and insured as all Moving companies are required to place their Department of Transportation (DOT) license number on their websites as stated by the law. It is also Florida State Law for movers to have general liability insurance auto commercial insurance and cargo insurance. Always make sure these are in order and ask the moving company if they offer third party “Additional Insurance” which is provided by or

Written Estimates – All movers tampa​ will give you a written estimate and a cost of service in which you are charged per hour, per cubic foot or per pound. 
A legitimate moving company will always require a deposit to ensure the customer is serious about securing the move. When the move is almost complete, the moving companies foreman will finalize the move by taking payment in full.

Looking for a trustworthy moving company Tampa Bay, FL is. Flat Fee Movers are a fantastic option. They offer free moving quotes and have great online reviews.  Also while in Tampa, Florida make sure to check out While in Tampa  to make the most of your time in such a remarkable part of Florida.

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10 Steps to Planning an Office Move

Step 1: Define your reasons for moving
Expanding, downsizing, reducing costs or the need a better location are all contributing factors to businesses needing to move office. By having a clear understanding of your reasons for moving will help you to set your goals, new office requirements and communicate a clear and consistent message to staff and clients.

Step 2: Get a Checklist
A Moving Office Checklist is the starting point to planning a successful office move. It will guide you through the entire office move process from start to finish and become your “roadmap” to organise and execute a smooth office move without any disruption to business.

Step 3: Know your Key Dates
Once you have determined when you will be vacating your existing office, you can then begin to work backwards to establish what important tasks need to be done by, and when. Prepare a timeline of events and set yourself daily or weekly reminders so you ensure you never miss a deadline.

Step 4: Set a Budget
When your business is relocating you need to know roughly how much your office move is going to cost and more importantly, where all your money is going. Setting a realistic budget from the outset will help you keep a track of what’s being spent and avoid any unnecessary overspend.

Step 5: Brief your Property Agent
Select a local Property Agent to help you find the right office space and negotiate the best office lease terms. They’ll be able to advise you on the right size of office to look for, assess what facilities you need, and determine the best location for your business.

Step 6: Book your Office Removals Company
Choose and book an Office Removals Company. A meeting with them will help you to establish which office furniture items are going to be moved, what needs replacing and what can be disposed of.

Step 7: Plan your new Office Design & Space Plan
The design and delivery of your newly found office is central to the continuing success of your business. Good office design helps to improve productivity and increase staff morale. Appoint an Office Fit-Out Company to help you transform your new office space into an effective and functional workplace.

Step 8: Plan your IT Relocation
Work out the logistics of moving and re-commissioning your PCs and telephones in the new office. The right IT infrastructure will need to be in place in the new office so that your IT equipment is working as should in the new office without any disruption to services.

Step 9: Finalise your Office Lease
Ask a Property Solicitor to check through your office lease to make sure everything has been documented correctly before you sign the office lease.

Step 10: Dilapidations
Before you hand over your “old” office back to the Landlord, ensure that all dilapidations have been carried out and that the office is in a good state of repair so there will be no dispute in returning your rental deposit.

Help Moving Office is the free website that guides companies through the office move process. It offers free Moving Office Checklists & Office Relocation Planning Guides to ensure that office moves happen on time, to budget and with the minimum disruption to the business.

Tips for Selecting a Moving Company

A lot of consumers rely on Google to acquire reviews on products and services in order to make their decisions. If you thought you would do the same when it came to selecting a Moving Company, you are in for a major crisis waiting to happen. Moving houses or business offices is not an easy task. The Company you hire must be able to handle the whole operation without a hitch, but also should prepare well enough to be able to rise to the task in case of emergencies.

Top Tips for Selecting a Moving Company

Tips for Selecting a Moving Company:

To hire the best moving service, always do a thorough background check of each Moving Company that you are interested in. While it is necessary to learn more about the experiences of their previous clients, you should also do some research on your own to make the right decision. Every client has unique demands. While some require Movers to only shift their items from one location to another, you might require them to pack your items as well. It is always better to figure out beforehand if the Moving Company of your choice can fulfill all your demands:

– Does the Moving Company offer convenient Storage options:

Often, people do not do their research well enough to realize if they will have enough space in their new location to fit in all their current items. Also, the new location might still be undergoing renovations and therefore cannot be used immediately. As a result, people end up with extra boxes of items that eat up space. Finding a moving company that offers storage services is a definite plus.

– Is the Moving Company covered by Insurance?

Make sure that the Moving Company you are hiring is covered by insurance. A lot of items can break during the move, and if you are not protected against damage, you will end up paying the price for it.

– How long has the Moving Company been in business?

This is quite important for office moves. Since office moves are tough, you need to hire seasoned movers who know how to work out a smooth plan for a quick move. A Moving Company that has helped in business relocations before will know how to work with the clients to make sure that the move does not get in the way of their business operations.

– Is the Moving Company licensed?

If you are moving your items from one state to another, you should hire a Moving Company that allows customers to track their vehicles in the country. For example, the United States of Transportation gives each moving vehicle a US DOT license. This number can be used to track the vehicle’s current location and route. This way you would know when you can expect a delivery.

– What are their rates?

If you find a Company that you wish to hire, call them up to fix a date. They will send an expert to you and take a look at the exact number of items you want to move, and accordingly calculate the total weight and offer a rate. A lot of Moving Companies do not charge clients for this initial survey, so you can do this with several companies to find the one that is offering the cheapest rate.

These are a few tips you can follow to make sure that all your items get delivered quickly without any issues. It is quite important to see whether Moving Companies are taking proper safety precautions and coordinating effectively with clients. Moving companies need to offer their clients reliability, protection against accidental damages and cost-effective measures to rank high in the business.